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  • Our human bodies goes through more stress than ever in human history. Massage with different modalities target and help improve the efficiency of recovery, protect improving your immunity and help prevent illness. Each body requires different care. Eg. someone like me who plays badminton consistently, have pain around knees and hands (Sports Massage).
  • We are affordable
  • We care a lot as our name states
  • We are located in middle of Bellevue for easy transportation
  • Free Parking in Downtown Bellevue
  • We are located just above the water. This is special. We selected this location because we believe water factors boosts healing. Feel free to walk around and watch the ducks over at Lake Bellevue
  • Our Office is open late and early to accommodate your busy work.  It not only not interferes with your work, but morning sessions boost your work and evening sessions refresh you and prepare you for sleep and recovery.


There are so many modalities that everyone can benefit from one or many.

Our Staff

Meet Our experts

Gabriel Garrett-Singh
LMT #MA61080587
Ramanathan Kathiresan
Founder, LMT, License Number: MA61196367