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We have been in business for a year and half. We started in this location around August 2020. But we become more operational around October 2020

Massage Therapy is an ancient art. Massage is the application of soft tissue manipulation techniques to different areas of the complex human body. Variations on these techniques can improve circulation, fight fatigue, and reduce stress. It is also critical part of healing after injuries, accidents, or surgeries.

This job also helps you to acquire skills close to the human body. We all carry a human body with us. But many of us are ignorant and doesn’t even know how a human body works!

In Massage Therapy, Therapist study Anatomy & Physiology, Kinesiology, Pathology, Very detailed about each muscles in the human body.

Body Mechanics, How to use your body in various positions to help another body.

Massage therapist is one of the toughest job out there.

There are many Modalities in Massage. Modality simply means a method or procedure